Corona. COVID-19. Whatever Your Name Is, We Will Outshine You: An Important Message from Sistemo Design

POSITIVE THINKING AND SMART DECISIONS Corona. COVID-19. Whatever Your Name Is. We Will Outshine You. An Important…

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The Truth About Bluehost And Why They Suck

Man plans, God laughs. You should have went with Flywheel. This is my story about how a…

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Applicant Tracking System: The Good, The Bad, And The Strange

An Applicant Tracking System is a software program that organizes the recruitment efforts of any sized business….

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How To Optimize Your Resume So You Can Fail

A typographical error? No. The last time I applied for a job, or better yet, the last time…

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Content and Digital Marketing 101: An Essential Guide

Whether you have experience in the online metropolis or are simply considering a website for the very…

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Does Google Know What Local SEO is? Your Small Business Guide

Part 3 in an 8 part series Understanding Local SEO: a great way for a small business…

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KEYWORDS: The foundation from which to build SEO

Part 2 in an 8 Part Series Keyword research defined Keyword Research and SEO are likened to…

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SEO: The Important Ranking Factors for 2019

Part 1 in an 8 Part Series Digital Marketing Strategies Before having a conversation regarding search engine optimization,…

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Thinking About a Business Website?

Have a Business? Get a Website. It has been reported that in  2018, 35% of small businesses…

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